Emerging Balance 44-Card Well-Being Deck- Local Pick Up



Well-Being Insight for Aspiring Souls 


Tap into your intuition, inspire motivation, practice empowerment and repeat daily affirmations using this unique 44- card well-being deck.


Utilizing its 4 suits and your meaningful aspirations, you will begin to emerge with balance, confidence and clarity towards your authentic well-being and goals.


Your Emerging Balance Well-Being deck also comes with: 

  • 4-part video series- describing all 4 suits and how to utilize them in your daily life.
  • 12, BONUS audio affirmations– to deepen your practice and ignite your visions into action.
  • ALL ACCESS PASS to Light YOUR Fire season 2 interview series– 20 interviews with top experts in the field of self-leadership, growth mindset and self-care.
  • Balance’s  Core Values Exercise- learn what you value and begin to take actions that align.

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These cards were created to support you on your journey toward generating balance in all areas of your life.  Balance will never be an outcome, but more so a practice that you, aspiring soul, consciously choose.

Trust that you are the inspiration and this deck is the bridge between committed action and your emotional connection.

Know that when you put this mentality behind your goals, it impacts every activity in your daily life.  This creates a synergy and your new actions will be those of someone who already made the successful transformation, leading to results in the real world.


Ways to use the cards:


-Shuffling the cards and randomly choosing one.  Trust that this card came to you for a reason. 

-Separate the cards by suits, and randomly choose a card from each suit in the morning to guide you throughout your day.  

-As part of your morning or nightly routine.  

-Meditation mantra or Journal prompt

-Create “Emerging Balance” YOUR way.  Use the cards in your own unique way.  #myemergingbalance on Instagram-we’d love to hear how you use them!! 



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