A Quick Way to Release Negative Self-Talk

A Quick Way to Release Negative Self-Talk

Do you ever feel like your thoughts get the best of you sometimes?  It’s like, BOOM, something or someone happens to you that isn’t ideal and it derails you for the rest of the day?  Do you let that one negative situation dictate how the rest of your day goes?  I have SO been there and I feel you, but it does not have to be this way!

Negative self-talk can be tamed by simply creating awareness around them by Tracking YOUR Thoughts.

"Your body hears everything that your mind says."

Awareness is the first step when it comes to making adjustments.  You are now paying attention to it.  This attention allows us to begin to identify triggers.

The trigger(s) can then indicate which of our negative self-talk belief(s) is being activated.

Write them down in a safe place when they come up.  This gives you the space to acknowledge it.  Identify the trigger and then identify the negative self-talk(thought) attached to it.

I’ll share a personal example:
Trigger: my idea for an upcoming project was not acknowledged.
Thought: I’m never listened to or respected.

A lot of the time, our negative self-talk is not entirely true or even true.  It’s a distortion.  Our mind tells us to reinforce something that is untrue and negative.  If this cycle occurs enough times, you will build a world around you that reflects your inner negativity, which will add to your stress.

So, the quickest way to start releasing negative self-talk is to write it down.  You will begin to see how the voice in your head contributes to stress.  Then, challenge it.  Ask yourself these questions:

  • What solid evidence even proves this true?
  • What evidence proves this false?
  • What unhealthy feelings or behaviors does this thought cause?
  • What words and behaviors will express my new healthy thought?

Take the power away from your negative self-talk.  It is your choice on how you want to feel about your life; day to day…  It may seem like you don’t have control over your thoughts, but actually you DO.  Each time the negative self-talk pops up; you have the opportunity to stop it.  Switch it to something that feels better.

Reply in the comments if you need outside perspective.  It was a game changer for me! It may be for you too!

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