Client Results

Tara Gush

Got Certified & Launched - in just 90 days

"In just 90 days I was able to complete my health and wellness certification, created an online 4 week wellness program and stayed accountable to myself. I realized that I CAN do this. The coaching is gentle yet strong, encouraging and inspiring - allowing for freedom and growth! This is a beautiful way to step into your own and be reminded of what you are capable of."

- Tara Gush
Entrepreneur and Educator, using V2A to launch new business endeavor

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90 Day Accelerator

Level up using our signature 5 step framework to guide you through a unique approach to quarterly goal-setting, leading to massive growth in your personal and professional life.

Lifestyle Hub

 high performance membership for online coaches, professionals and entrepreneurs. Monthly 1:1 coaching, group meetings, well-being support, and powerful accountability.

6 Months 1-on-1

6 months of intimate and strategic coaching as I guide you through my proven framework and methodology for creating extraordinary “feel good” results in your life, career or business.

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Kelly Bantle

Dramatically Improve your personal and professional performance

"This is Necessary life training: A positive self-care and professional development program that uses healthy mindset and behavioral tools to help high performing professionals create a positive mindset and environment for themselves and around themselves that will dramatically improve their personal and professional performance."

- Kelly Bantle
V2A 90-Day Accelerator Group Client

“The coaching was authentic..caring..wise...Melissa has an inner knowing and insight. She is an old soul and has so much to teach others.”

- Janice T.

“I LOVED the intimacy. By the end, I felt like I knew everyone in our group. Keeping it small made me feel more comfortable to share and get out of my comfort zone.”

- Jacki S.

“My 3 proudest achievements: Confidence in communication with live video, building my company website and having the ability to redirect, shift, and continue to grow personally & professionally”

- Danielle W.

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Emerging Balance Lifestyle Hub Praise

Motivation & Accountability

“This is a beautiful way to step into your own and be reminded of what you are capable of. It’s a great way to find inspiration, motivation and accountability as well as put action into your goals.”

- Tara Gush

Connections & Networking

“Connected with an amazing photographer and am arranging to host a series of influencers here at the spa and our resort. I already negotiated the hotel stays.”

- Michelle Bourdeau

Hitting New Levels of Success

“I completed three training sessions in my travel cruise line business. I am pleased to say that I am fifth in sales in the Northeast this month!! Woohoo!! Got my sights on my next goal.”

- Diane Francis

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Journey2Mastery Clients' Results

Jenwei Tsai

“From our time together, she had shown me how to set my goals with intentions, how to manage my stress and recognize triggers that would send me into a negative spiral, how to better communicate with people in my life, and the importance of self care and realizing what I need to be well and feel successful! ”

- Jenwei Tsai

“Melissa is caring, generous, and creates a feeling of connection and acceptance for those who have the opportunity to work with her.
I continue to work with her for mindset/business coaching. She has become an essential part of my own personal/professional growth and I have been able to make productive progress toward the life I want to create for myself.”

- Danielle Wagamon

“I ran into my neighbor yesterday and she commented on my weight loss progress. It feels good to know it is noticeable. This program has really shifted my mindset and habits.”

- Erin Gorden

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