Setting Intentions to Create Balance

Setting Intentions to Create Balance

Are you feeling un-grounded, un-motivated, or even un-worthy lately?

Basically anything with “un” in front of it?

Listen Up!!!

The answer to un-doing the case of the “uns” (lol) may be by simply setting an intention for yourself.

Coffee in a black mug on a white surface. Text overlay "First it's an intention. Then a behavior. Then a habit. Then a practice. Then a second-nature. Then it is simply who you are." Quote by Brendon Burchard

Intentions are powerful!  First, you are in control of creating them.  Intentions create clarity around what you want to happen and plants the seed.  Then, you need to water the seed through actions that align with the intention.

For example: You want to start making healthier choices?  If you are watering this seed with alcohol and sugar, that seed probably isn’t going to transform….get my drift?

Intentions cannot be forced.  Trust the process, stay consistent and align your actions.

When  you set an intention for yourself keep these 3 key points in mind:

  • Keep it in the positive: even it is something negative, like overwhelming stress, then create something like, “I intend to invite calmness and peace into my being before the work day begins”.  Remember: P.U.P (positive, uplifting and present moment)
  • Can it evolve?  Novelty sparks motivation, but is your intention strong enough to maintain motivation?  What if boredom sets in?  Allow your intention to be adjusted.  Change it ever so slightly, but do not alter it too frequently.  You want to refine, spiff it up and enhance it.
  • Short-Term is key: Hold onto your big picture vision, but create benchmarks.  Research shows that this actually will help you attain the bigger goal in a shorter amount of time.  THIS is where the goal setting strategy comes into play.  Goal-setting is like my girl-crush and I can get you up and running in no time!  Becoming successful with small short-term intentions increases and maintains motivation to continuing to move towards and eventually achieving the actual goal you have been nurturing all along!  (Hint: enjoy the journey).

Try this quick exercise: Pair your intention with a quick meditation.  Once your intention is set, start taking controlled deep breaths to lock it in.  Allow yourself to be still and let go of grudges and emotions.  Feelings and thoughts may pop up in, but don’t assign any value to them.  Be grateful for the intention you set for yourself…   

Reply in the comments with an intention you are nurturing! What has opened up for you??

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    Good stuff!

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