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Fitness Nutrition Coaching

Increase awareness and have a better understanding of your health and fitness goals.

Wellness Coaching

Develop a guiding and encouraging partnership to help you make lasting lifestyle changes: mind, body and spirit

Customized Nutrition Plans

An individualized plan made just for you to help you reach your goals

Customized Workout Schedules

An individualized workout schedule to help you achieve your personal fitness goals

Online Booking

Concierge services provided to help you find and take the best group fitness classes or personalized training in your area

Workshops and Classes

Look for upcoming workshops and classes pertaining to fitness, nutrition and wellness

Everything you need to support you in your journey of creating a balanced lifestyle

The first step starts with YOU! Let Balance Health and Wellness help you make sense of what is out there and available so you can make the right choice in order to meet your goals. The guiding partnership at Balance is meant to create awareness and is about the whole person. We work together to embrace change, build confidence and encourage success

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