About Melissa

Where you become the Oprah of your Goals — with all the influencing and generosity to go with it....

You’re ready for the next level of success in your life, but don’t want to feel stressed, overwhelmed and burned out.

You’ve got it going on, yet you feel a yearning to create new goals that authentically align with who you are, but are unsure and lack the clarity and plan to get started…

Do you become resistant and hold back because you know your life will change(for the better!) and want to make sure your efforts match your results???

Don't Worry!

It’s time to get your dreams out of that journal and into reality! 

Stop getting stuck in circumstance because it slowly eats away at your vision.  

You are left feeling depleted, self-conscious and constantly starving for more! 

Maybe this's what it actually means to be “HANGRY”...

You begin to involve yourself in anything and everything because you are ravenous for that one thing that is going to make the biggest difference, yet nothing changes. 

The true results look like spreading yourself so thin, that you can’t focus, produce or perform at your best!    

Your integrity, authenticity and quality gets compromised too.  

Nothing pains me more than seeing you daydream about what life could be like, when life CAN BE like that!

That’s why I’m here to coach you into setting and executing authentic goals that align to your vision, values and purpose, so you go from burned out side-liner to balanced CEO!

Hi, I'm Melissa


 I used to run my mind and body into the ground...so far that I probably almost reached China…I worked crazy hours, had multiple jobs, pushed my body and relationships to the max and spent a lot of time daydreaming of what my “real life” would look like..  

I allowed myself to get so depleted and disconnected that I literally drove myself into a ditch(talk about a divine intervention!).

It was honestly the wake up call I needed to start BEING ME and living my truth unapologetically, instead of hyper-focusing on what I thought I was supposed to be doing as a women, daughter, friend, partner, professional...

Your holistic high performance coaching services incorporate my years of experience in the field of psychology along with integrated components of growth mindset, self-leadership and self-care. 

This research and evidence-based approach creates a realistic mental and physical framework that will surely make you feel empowered, aligned, free, connected and confident about your vision and goals.   

Your new actions will be those of someone who already made the successful transformation, which leads to results in the REAL WORLD-  simply confirming your new reality.

What I stand for:
  • Supporting you to achieve BOTH success and joy by being and doing what aligns to your vision, values and purpose. (it’s about integrating more of the magic of YOU!)
  • Taking care of your mental, physical and emotional well-being as a primary foundation for creating success in all areas of your life.
  • Working with you to achieve sustainable high performance that generates productivity, abundance, confidence, and leadership!
  • Taking pressure off you by supporting you in getting to the root cause of what’s holding you back and playing small. Together, we break through to create systems that are highly individualized for your success: personally and professionally!

“I truly believe that going from burnout to balance is the key ingredient to reaching your next level of purpose driven goals. I understand how important it is to you to make a difference in the world."


If anything I mention resonates, then we'd probably make a great team (are you already envisioning your “Oprah-esque” success?)!”

Learn more about what that could look like below...

The Proof is in the Pudding

Because of Balance’s programming...  -My business is growing and expanding  -My focus and mindset is clearer  -I feel like I'm moving forward and not stuck  -My confidence and what I value enhanced
Thank you Melissa Wolf for designing this amazing 90 Day Program, which I highly recommend if you want to CHANGE the Direction of your Business and life!

-Janice Thiell

Stuck? Feel like moving forward with your current skill sets & state of mind is impossible? The Balance Community is where you need to be to transform and propel yourself forward! My circumstances had me accepting an uncomfortable situation in my career and mindset. I had goals, but not the ability to get outside of my own head to achieve them. However with Melissa's coaching, I have achieved them and am going for more!

Balance will build an excellent tool kit for any, ANY situation you face that you need to overcome. I've done the first 6 months and gladly am undergoing another to continue to focus on what I need to do to make my life everything it can be.

- Kelly Bantle

I LOVED the intimacy of the group program.  By the end, I felt like I knew everyone in our group. Keeping it small made me feel more comfortable to share and get out of my comfort zone. The ascension plan worked wonders for me. The one-on-one session with Coach Marti was definitely my AHA moment.  I would NOT have been able to create what I did on my own without such a supportive group. The V2A coaches gave me direction to act, not just think about things I wanted to implement.

- Jacki Schell

Melissa keeps it real. Her insight into how your emotional, physical and spiritual well being impacts your results is not only logical but intuitive. Melissa is loving, kind and most importantly, authentic. Her coaching skills are laser with love. I am blessed to have had Melissa Wolf walk through the fire with me.

- Marti Ouellette

I enjoyed the group training and other events like doing our vision board. This created an opportunity for me to move through resistance and take action on what I really wanted. The coaching is so positive no matter what is going on and you can tell they really care about us and our success. Balance’s programming has a beautiful approach to solidifying your life’s vision and gives you the tools and support to take action now.

- RuthAnn Kaufman

Credentials & Experience

My professional credentials include: 

  • Master’s of Science in Psychology with a Certificate of Advanced Study.  I currently hold licence and certification and specialize in education-based disabilities and behavior disorders. 
  • High Performance Coach for an Inc. 5000 fastest growing company that serves passionate entrepreneurs and helps them build a profitable business and a freedom lifestyle–around their gifts.
  • Certified fitness and nutrition coach 
  • Advanced level personal and professional leadership training 
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