I try hard.

I try hard. I make an effort. You know sometimes people can judge you for that. Like it’s not cool or something. “Stop wasting your time” or ” Move on”. “It’s just not worth it”. Sound familiar? Is it really that “cool” to stop caring, dim your light or dare I say the words “give up”? That’s not me.

You know what’s cool? Trying hard even if it means falling on your face. Getting back up, dusting yourself off and forging ahead. Actually, you’re more than cool in my books, that kind of effort is attractive. So, I’m going to switch to that word.

Attractive is the person who lives from their vision and takes action from a place of possibility rather than circumstance. Vulnerably putting themselves out there not knowing the outcome, yet believing that if it matters to them it matters enough to put in 100% effort.

Don’t fear hard work and effort. You’ll attract these courageous qualities you build up in yourself.

Surround yourself with people who mirror these qualities. I truly believe they are inside all of us. Be with people who challenge you and champion for you to stay the course.

But should you always try hard/put in the effort?

Well, I say this… Create your sweet spot between effort and surrender. Life gets to be a beautiful dance of holding on and letting go.

This isn’t the same as giving up. It’s about you trusting the flow and rhythm. Knowing when to push and when it’s time to re-fill your cup. Think of it as creating a deeper level of awareness so that you can continue on your visionary journey.

There will definitely be days that throw you for a loop. On loopy days, focus on your effort. Focus on your progress.

Effort says a lot about you. It shows that you value something. You are taking action on something that is meaningful to you.

You’re not “too cool” to embrace something that will move you forward. Even if it is challenging and may take some time to accomplish. Like I said before, it’s attractive.

Even if you fall flat on your face more than once or let those loopy days take you off course.

The drive behind all of this is about your connection and relationship to your goals. This is something I love to coach people into. Are you in relationship with your goals? Do you connect with them on an emotional level? It’s not just about what you are physically doing to make things happen. Connecting with your goals on an emotional level is what stokes the effort.

Being in relationship with them( measuring your progress, celebrating your wins, keeping track of what’s working and what’s not working) sustains it. Just one day at a time brings you into closer alignment with what you truly want.

If you read this all the way through, than you probably agree. Let’s keep supporting each other to stay the course. Being cool is overrated anyway ;). These days, I’m all about attraction.

Make it meaningful. Be all in. Put in the effort.

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